Junior Gradings @ Westcroft Judo (Nork)

The club follows the BJA "Mon" grading syllabus for children.  Of the three requisite components of adult dan (black belt) grades, only technical theory (ghi) is required for juniors. 

As children develop they also need to improve their character (shin) and develop effective judo techniques in a competitive situation (tai).  However, as every child develops these attributes/skills at different rates, these are not tested untl the adult/senior grades.

Between the age of 15 and 18 children will convert to the senior/adult grading systems which require demonstration of shin, ghi and tai (refer to Principles of Judo for more context) on an equal footing with adults.

The following materials will assist children in preparing for the grading tests:

1.        Pictorial Syllabus - Mon grade theory (children aged 8 - 18)

2.         On Line Demonstration of Syllabus

Click here to open the online demonstration guide for all the Mon and Kyu theory requirements.  The techniques are demontrated by Craig Fallon, World Champion.

Click here to see demonstration of judo throws (click on side of video box to bring up list of throws)

3.         Judo Diaries

For all juniors and kyu grade seniors we encourage you get a judo diary if you do not already have one.  The diary containts very useful explanations of the theory requirements as well as a wealth of games and training information.  There are four diaries

    • Junior Mon Grades - Red/Yellow
    • Junior Mon Grades - Orange/Green
    • Junior Mon Grades - Blue/Brown

Click on the icon to order online from the BJA website.