Ju no Kata

Ju no Kata is an entry level kata that explores the principles of yielding ("ju") and maximium efficiency in a series of self defence sequences that use the principles of action/reation and circular movement to deflect and then regain initiative.  

The techniques are arranged into 3 sets of 5 (15 techniques in total), with technique development throughout the sets.

Basic stepping (ayumi ashi and tsugi ashi) are applied dynamically to attack and defend.  A range of techniques are used, including controlled locks (elbow, single and double wrist, and shoulder), strangles (hadaka jime) and 6 lifting (throws) techniques (makikomi, seoi nage, sukui nage, osoto-otoshi, ura nage, uki goshi).

Please note the kata requires fluidity and control.  There is no actual throwing as all throws are to the point of throwing with such control there is no need to execute the throw (kake).  The roles of both tori and uke require different skills and both very active in the kata.

Below is footage of Ju no Kata from the World Champions.