Club Links @ Westcroft JC (Nork)

The club has formal or informal ties with the following clubs across the world.  Click on their logos to see what they are up to.

Westcroft CIC

The Carshalton Branch based at
Carshalton Boys College and run
by Rachelle's brother Andy Ede ,4th dan


Judo Club Asahi

Judo Club based in Marcinelle Belgium
and hosts the annual Interational
Tournament for the Bois du Cazier in  May each year.


 Howick Academy of Judo

Where Mike trained as child in
New Zealand under Sensei Ivan Willis, 6th dan


The Kodokan

The Headquarters of Japanese
and world judo


 Daishin Judo Club

Kyoto based Judo Club that has strong links
with NZ judo and welcomes and hosts foreign
judo players, including running the Kiwi Club
Osaka Interational Tournament each year.


Pedro Judo Centre

Run by World Champion Jimmy Pedro.  Club
member Bob Milotte trained under Jimmy's father as a child.